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Shenzhen Guanke Technology Co., Ltd.

Medium/mogul based LED corn bulbs with UL/cUL, DLC, TUV, CE, PSE and SAA certifications

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    12-13 F, Building 3, Tongfuyu Industrial Area, Heshuikou Community, Gongming, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Guanke Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high power LED corn bulbs that are designed as low cost, energy-efficient light sources for a wide variety of new or retrofit applications. Founded in 2006, Guanke Technology is an engineering driven company that focuses on application-optimized technology to ensure failsale reliability and superior performance. With a goal to help its customers to simplify the challenges in transition from traditional lighting to the cutting edge LED lighting, Guanke Technology invests all resources into a single line of products.

The complete range of medium and mogul based LED bulbs from Guanke Technology is designed to address the intrinsic needs for advanced technology at the lowest cost possible. These self-ballasted lighting systems provide a hassle-free upgrade path to the energy efficiency of solid state lighting at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire light fixture. They can be mounted upward on post top fixtures or pendant mounted on low bay or high bay fixtures. They can also be horizontally installed in fixtures such as street lights, shoebox lights, wall packs, and canopy lights.

Through dedication to niche excellence, Guanke Technology has built itself a solid reputation as manufacturer of high performing, economically sensibly LED corn lights. Its proprietary thermal management technology combined with uniquely designed and engineered structure offers a highly advantageous platform for all the functional components including high brightness SMD LEDs and high efficiency LED drivers to perform reliably with a lifetime that far surpasses industry standards.

Guanke takes quality and reliability to heart in every step of the process and beyond. All products are tested to the highest specification grade standards and undergo thorough burn-in procedures before shipment. Guanke proudly carries a complete package of market certifications that include UL/cUL, DLC, VED, ENEC, TUV, CE, RoHS, PSE, SAA, ERP, EMC, LM79 and LM80.
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